Rain Protection & Warmth

Wheelchair Protection from the Elements

Though we appreciate rain for its own beauty, there’s nothing worse than getting caught in it when you’re void of protection. The Mobility Aids Centre has considered the varying needs of wheelchair-users, and collected what we consider to be effective shields against light showers and sheer downfalls alike.

With you at the forefront of our priorities, this selection aims to have something for everyone.

Cosy and Dry

From simple yet effective methods, such as attachment umbrellas, to products offering layers of ultimate warmth and all-body waterproofing, we have chosen these items for their worthy command against bad weather.

As such, if you prefer something a bit more snug, it’s worth considering the Wheelchair Snugs. If you prefer the idea of something that accommodates plenty of upper-body dexterity and does what it says on the tin, we’d encourage you to think about our Wheelchair Mac with Sleeves.

Help with your Purchase

As always, The Mobility Aids Centre is here to provide expert assistance to customers who have queries. If you need further information or advice, we are just a phone call away on 01733 342242.

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