Accessories for aid can become as important as the actual aid itself. The accessories allow further customisation to completely tailor the walking aid in order to benefit the user and their individual needs.

At The Mobility Aids Centre Ltd , we have a large range of Walking Sticks and Crutch accessories, to suit a large variety of specific needs; from crutch grips, hand pads and walking stick straps. Crutch Grips are a brilliant accessory because they aid stability when using crutches. As the grips are softer they can form around your hand providing a greater surface area and load distribution. They can also prevent or work better with sweat.

The Oarsome brand of crutch grip takes the innovation a step further with a hollowed out section which gives a shock absorbing characteristic. They also feature a medical plastic containing an antibacterial and antimicrobial.

Walking stick straps have always been a reliable and handy accessory for Walking Sticks and Crutches. The straps prevent the stick from dropping to the ground if you let go. This is extremely convenient for when you need to use your hand(s).

We have a specialist team of mobility experts at The Mobility Aids Centre Ltd , if you would like any assistance or advice during your shopping experience with us, please give our team a call today on 01733 342242 .

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