Self-Propel Wheelchairs

Get around independently with our wide range of self-propelled wheelchairs. Whether you’re looking for a rigid, folding, active, comfortable or lightweight wheelchair for transportation, we are sure to have a self-propelled wheelchair that serves your purpose.

Self-propelled wheelchairs are more than just the perfect mode of everyday movement – they give you total autonomy over your life. The physical benefits are hugely impactful, too, maintaining strong upper body agility and strength that make walking easier. At the Mobility Aids Centre, we offer bespoke, made-to-measure self-propelling wheelchairs on top of our off-the-shelf models, which come with suspension to lessen the impact of travelling over bumpy ground. They have dual movement functionality with hand-rim-fitted rear wheels as well as an ergonomic push-handle so you can have the benefit of a transit wheelchair.

Moreover, we have smaller lightweight wheelchairs that are made for portability and easy use. Models such as the Enigma Lightweight Wheelchair is made with an aluminium frame and weighs just 8.5kg, making it one of the lightest wheelchairs on the market. With their combination of durability and minimal weight, these wheelchairs and our other lightweight wheelchairs are ideal for those seeking effortless mobility in an easy-to-transport package.

The Mobility Aids Centre has spent the last forty-plus years restoring mobility for the elderly and the disabled with our mobility aids, and we pride ourselves on our high-calibre and ever-evolving range of self-propelled wheelchairs that you can rely on. If you have any questions or wish to enquire about our wheelchairs, contact our team today or pop into our showroom to find out how we can help you start living a free and mobile life.

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