Motability FAQs

  • What is the Motability Scheme?

    This popular scheme is run by the Motability Foundation, and has been operating since 1978. In a nutshell, it offers disabled people the opportunity to lease an electric wheelchair or mobility scooter at a reduced rate. There are also options available for those looking to lease a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, although we only supply scooters and wheelchairs through the scheme at The Mobility Aids Centre.

  • Who can use the Motability Scheme?

    If you receive the Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance, Enhanced Rate Mobility Component of the Personal Independence Payment (PIP), War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement (WPMS) or The Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP), you can utilise the scheme.

  • How does the Motability Scheme work?

    The principle behind the scheme is simple: in order to reduce the cost of your lease, part or all of your mobility benefits are sent to Motability. This portion of your weekly allowance is used to supply you with a mobility scooter or electric wheelchair, saving you the cost of buying one yourself.

  • Am I eligible for the Motability Scheme?

    You can find out if you are eligible with our motability eligiblity breakdown, if you are still unsure the motability eligilbility questionnaire should make it clearer. However, you can also get in touch with our team to arrange a personalised assessment on 01733 342242.

  • What is available on the Motability Scheme?

    The Motability Scheme covers electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters. At The Mobility Aids Centre this includes the Airium, Alumalite and Rascal Vision to name a few.

  • Do you have to pay anything on Motability finance?

    Yes, the Motability Scheme isn’t completely free – but you can lease a mobility scooter or motorised wheelchair for as little as £15 per week. This represents a significant saving over the regular price, making the scheme well worth a look.

  • What is provided during my lease?

    During your lease, you won’t just be able to enjoy the use of your scooter or wheelchair – there are other benefits on offer. If you buy through The Mobility Aids Centre, these benefits include:

    • A brand-new replacement scooter or wheelchair after three years
    • Three years’ comprehensive insurance
    • Three years’ full parts and labour warranty
    • No call-out charges for repairs
    • Annual servicing
    • Replacement batteries and tyres included
    • Puncture repair included
    • 24-hour recovery service
  • What are the benefits of leasing a mobility scooter or wheelchair with Motability?

    In addition to saving money, you can access all of the other benefits listed above, saving you a great deal of time and hassle. Instead of having to worry about maintaining your equipment and fixing it, we can handle that for you – and you’ll get to enjoy another new scooter or wheelchair once your lease expires after three years.

  • Does The Mobility Aids Centre offer products via the Motability Scheme?

    Absolutely. In fact, it’s one of our specialities. We’ve been supplying products through the scheme for more than three decades, so if you need help or advice, you can count on us. From helping you select the right equipment to guiding you through the application process, we’re here to help. Speak to our friendly team today by calling 01733 342242.

  • How can I arrange a Motability lease?

    Getting started is simple. To find out if you’re eligible and to begin the application process, get in touch with the team at The Mobility Aids Centre today. Our friendly and experienced team handles Motability applications on a daily basis and understands the scheme inside out. From helping you choose the right mobility scooter or electric wheelchair to discussing the benefits of the scheme, answering your questions and assisting you with the application process, we’re here to help. All you need to do is ask!