Standing Frames

Standing frames are incredibly important for individuals who are unable to stand independently (either permanently or temporarily). For the comprehensive and revolutionary approach to standing support, The Mobility Aids Centre offers you this selection of innovative EasyStand standing frames! Each has been designed with a particular focus, and to encourage the user back on their feet. 

Each standing frame provides endless amounts of adjustability, comfort and support to the user. Each frame has been created to combat certain restraints. The Strapstand, for instance, produces the lift and necessary comfort required for users who regularly use a wheelchair or remain in a lying position in bed. Such comfort is then imperative to go into a standing position. Pads are distributed across the device to ensure sufficient care is delivered at every important point of the body, from knees to spine.  

Our standing frame therapeutic aid collection is pivotal for generating the self-confidence you deserve, either when it comes to rehabilitation following injury or for breaking through mobility restrictions. Our standing aids provide a safe, supportive and comfortable environment that is necessary for both the physical and social development of the user. 

There are an incredible amount of bonuses that come from the regular use of standing frames; from muscle strengthening to relieving pressure areas usually affected from being in one position. Circulation of the blood is improved for simply being in an upright standing position.  From a psychological angle, standing frame aids allow the user independence and a greater opportunity for a social life, as you become more familiar with a standing position!