Bed & Chair Pads

The Mobility Aids Centre provides a complete supply of washable chair and bed incontinence pads. We have ensured the products we sell provide both value for money and quality in their application. They are easy to clean and lie flat so they are concealed. They make great options for the elderly or disabled who suffer from continence problems.

Due to their intended use, we have identified the most comfortable products, so that this factor is no longer a concern. The chair pads are designed to look like any other cushion to avoid any social discomfort.

Our incontinence aids are flat so that the benefits of the bed or chair are still felt. Moisture retention is convenient by means of the stay-dry water-absorption properties of the pad material.

Bed and Chair Pads are entirely reusable, which contributes to the eco value. Your mattress and chair will always be protected from liquid stains because our incontinence pads are machine-washable.

The chair pads we offer provide both comfort and support. Alongside their water-retention abilities, they are also great for maintaining your posture as they don’t impact the way you sit.

Meanwhile, the mattress pads are easy to fit, remove, wash and change. This makes them incredibly convenient. Our incontinence mattress pads are environmentally-friendly and exceptionally hygienic. They will serve to maintain the life of your mattress as it will remain clean and dry. These come in a variety of sizes and colours depending on your preference.

Our incontinence pads are designed to provide you with the peace of mind and additional comfort you deserve while you are sleeping, resting or sleeping.

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