Manual Wheelchairs

If you’re looking for a manual wheelchair, The Mobility Aids Centre Ltd. is one of the UK’s leading experts and can help you find the perfect wheelchair. Whether it is a transportable wheelchair, a wheelchair buggy, transit, self-propelling or an electric wheelchair, we have a vast selection to suit the needs of both adults and children with limited mobility.

UK Wheelchair Specialists

The Mobility Aids Centre Ltd. appreciates that each and every customer has their own individual needs and requirements when shopping for the perfect manual wheelchair. As such, we offer a wide range to choose from. Each of our wheelchairs has specially designed features, created to give you the best possible mobility and independence. Our wheelchairs can also be fully customised and adjusted for added comfort and long-life usage. Many can also be neatly folded for ease of transportation and storage at home.

Making Wheelchairs Unique To You

The majority of our manual wheelchairs are available with a range of mobility aid accessories to improve your mobility, which may have been affected due to an existing medical condition, age, illness or injury. Furthermore, to ease your shopping experience, we provide an option for our customers to shop by condition.

Finding The Perfect Wheelchair

If you would like assistance in finding the perfect wheelchair or have any questions at all with regards to any of our mobility aids products, we have a specialist team of experts on hand over the phone or in our Peterborough showroom. You can contact us via our enquires page here, alternatively, you can talk to someone via telephone on 01733 342242.

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