Pain Relief

In this section of our online catalogue, you will discover the various pain relief aids that The Mobility Aids Centre has found for easing daily discomforts. Covering all angles from heat pads to ice packs, to the renowned TPN Tens Machine, we have endeavoured to find the suitable solutions to particular daily pains and irritations.

As the weather plays a huge impact on the causes of pain and discomfort, we have enlisted the simple yet effective items that make a dramatic difference to concentrated heating or cooling. These are reusable and perfectly versatile to your body’s needs. 

In addition, we have found certain pain relief aids that are renowned within the medical industry. This is due to their high-quality and ability to perform as reputable pain relief aids. 

The temperature of the environment around you can be a huge influence on your pains. For those suffering from arthritis, for example, you are far more susceptible to temperature changes. As such, we encourage you to consider the various solutions that we have put together to provide you with a temperature balance with portability benefits.

Alternatively, for muscular pains, many of the products will conduct the necessary heat to promote soothing relief for the user. Furthermore, we have listed devices to improve the stimulation of muscles.

Our items designed to relieve pain for the disabled or elderly include many different products, from the simple wheat pack, to massage balls, hot/cold therapy and even TENS machines.

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