Shoes, Slippers & Foot Comfort

The Mobility Aids Centre has a goal of increasing the comfort to the daily lives of those who suffer from pains and pressures on a daily basis. Our shoe, slipper and foot comfort product catalogue has been created to offer you all the aids that generate simple, effective and innovative solutions for pressure and pain relief in this area of the body. 

For an abundance of foot and heel stress, we have a great collection of different styles of slippers, sandals and shoes to satisfy your individual needs. With these products, such irritations like pressure sores are heavily restricted, with the goal of absolute avoidance. 

The material used to create our slippers provides unparalleled comfort for your feet. The softness and insulation abilities of fleece give your feet a wonderfully cosy and luxurious shell against pains and aches.   

We have also incorporated footwear that suits both fashion and function necessities. With a wider, more comfortable fit, yet losing nothing in terms of style, you can enjoy the best of both worlds! With the convenience of Velcro for fastening, these shoes are quickly put on or taken off, and adjusted to fit your feet! In addition, our shoe horns are a fantastic accompaniment for making the process of putting shoes on even easier. 

The footwear aids we have handpicked for their pressure and pain relief properties. Such attributes are suitable for those who are bed or chair bound, whether on a temporary or full-time basis. Depending on your needs, we are convinced we have the relevant product to provide you with newfound comfort for your feet!


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