Adult Electric Wheelchairs


Reclaim your autonomy with The Mobility Aids Centre’s range of adult electric wheelchairs. We understand that disabilities can make it difficult to get around, but our powered wheelchairs are designed to be comfortable, easy to use, and highly manoeuvrable, so you can get where you need to go with ease. As suppliers of market-leading wheelchair manufacturers from Invacare to Kymco, we tailor our selection of electric wheelchairs to suit every need to the maximum degree. 


At the Mobility Aids Centre, we understand that every person has unique needs and preferences when it comes to choosing an electric wheelchair. That’s why we offer a wide variety of powered wheelchairs to meet your requirements, from cost-effective models to heavy-duty, Class 3 outdoor wheelchairs. Our customers love the Kymco K-Activ Electric Powered Wheelchair for its plethora of customisable driving options, such as a fully-programmable control system and adjustable rear suspension. Elsewhere, the TDX SP2 Electric Wheelchair is a high end outdoor powered wheelchair that excels because of its unrivalled durability and diverse functionality.   


The personalisation options continue with our massive choice of electric wheelchair accessories, such as moulding ring seats, reclining backrests, handle extenders and replacement and upgraded power packs.

The Mobility Aids Centre has over 40 years of expertise in giving people the right mobility aid for them, and we have helped thousands of people regain their independence with our electric wheelchairs. Our range is ever-evolving and with plenty of information, but if you have any questions regarding any of our powered wheelchairs, please get in touch with our team of mobility experts online or visit our showroom to find out more about our collection. With the Mobility Aids Centre, you can start living a free and mobile life.

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