Leg & Foot Rests

Our leg and foot rests provide cushioned comfort and support you need for when resting in a seated position. The position of your leg, through using such a device, lays it at a more natural angle. Therefore, the pressure that you may feel in your feet, from ailments such as arthritis or gout, is significantly reduced. Your moments of relaxation should not be disrupted by irritating pangs of discomfort!

By lifting your legs, you are actively supporting the circulation to your feet, and this is imperative to reduce swelling in this area. This is why footrests are so important when you suffer from these types of issues. 

Our products are versatile and provide adjustability options so that they are entirely tailorable to your condition. This is also beneficial for providing universal support. They are easily transferable, so a one-size-fits-all would be majorly restrictive. This is not something The Mobility Aids Centre stands for! We want to accentuate your independence and restrict your daily pains and discomforts. 

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