6-8MPH Scooters

For a more rapid scooter experience, The Mobility Aids Centre introduces you to the best in the field of mobility aids. Our collection of scooters, with speeds that range between 6 and 8mph, offer speed, comfort, compactness and manoeuvrability. These multifaceted devices are acclaimed for their quality, having been produced by the biggest brands in the world of mobility aids.

With amplified speed, dexterity and robustness, these 6-8mph mobility scooters are great choices for everyone. We have certain scooters that can take weight up to 32 stone while still maintaining the prime functions. Ride with confidence, knowing your journey will be both smooth and steadfast.

Having sourced our 6-8mph scooters from the most reputable companies in the industry, quality is a given. Some of the scooters are accentuated with an LCD panel that displays speed and battery usage, and as an added touch, some of our scooters come with USB ports so that you can change your personal devices while on a trip.

Need help in finding the perfect 6-8mph scooter for you? Our team will be more than happy to assist you. The Mobility Aids Centre is home to decades of knowledge and a passion for helping those with mobility issues live independently, and we will guide you through our options and help you find the perfect mobility scooter for your needs. We work with the Motability Scheme to allow people to lease an electric wheelchair or scooter for a low monthly cost, removing the initial financial barrier to start moving around. If would like more information, feel free to contact us online, give us a call at 01733 342242 or visit the showroom to speak to us.

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