Mobility is synonymous with freedom, and at the Mobility Aids Centre, our curated lineup of wheelchairs is designed with comfort and independence at the forefront. Each model is designed to make your navigation around the world as simple as possible so you can travel with confidence.

Finding the right wheelchair for you

The two most popular wheelchair varieties in our lineup are large self-propelling wheels and smaller transit wheels. The latter is designed for people travelling short distances with the user not needing to move around as they will have someone behind them pushing them around. Self-propelled wheelchairs are the opposite, as the chair has large enough wheels that the user can move them from where they are sitting but can still be pushed from behind if required.

Additionally in our wheelchair range, you also can find a host of other wheelchair types, such as electric wheelchairs that are powered by a motor rather than manual effort, and bariatric transport wheelchairs to help those with obesity get around. For younger people in need of mobility assistance, we also stock a range of children’s wheelchairs and specialist buggies/pushchairs that provide far more support than standard retail models. Finally, our range includes various accessories to accompany your wheelchair, such as a rotary swivel cushion for padded comfort or a wheelchair backpack to store your everyday items.

UK Wheelchair Specialists

The Mobility Aids Centre has four decades of pedigree in giving people the wheelchair they need to live a fulfilling life. The reason our customers keep coming back is because of our expert knowledge. Contact our team today or visit our showroom to find out more about our wheelchair range and how we can help you start living a free and mobile life.

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