Dressing Aids

Our collection of dressing aids has been combined to provide a solution to your every struggle when it comes to the task of dressing. From sock aids to dressing sticks, The Mobility Aids Centre has constructed a list of the revolutionary products intended for making your life more comfortable while extending your independence.

When it comes to dressing, for those who suffer from strains, pains, muscular conditions and dexterity issues, such a task can be painful and enduring. This is because of the sheer amount of movement the body goes through when completing the process of dressing.

As such, we have found solutions to make the process less challenging. Items such as leg lifters, button hooks and zip pullers make a dramatic difference to your daily routine. Button hooks and zip pullers are also incredibly beneficial for preventing such fiddly and time-consuming chores. Such fastening aids are especially convenient for those with dexterity conditions.

We have focussed our attention on sock and tights aids to limit the amount of bending that goes into the dressing process. Our shoehorns are also hugely beneficial for avoiding the necessity to bend also. Likewise, pants aids are unisex and versatile to any lower-body clothing. 

Depending on your needs, we have a rich collection of dressing aids to enhance your daily routine and continued independence. The majority of our dressing aids are unisex and completely universal. However, it is worth considering which style for each function would be the most appropriate to your requirements, as each one of us is different! This is why we have so many options for accomplishing single tasks. 


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