Walking Sticks

Regain your upright posture and walking stability with our helpful walking sticks. At the Mobility Aids Centre, we stock an industry-leading range of hard-wearing, high-quality walking sticks that are ergonomically designed to reduce pressure in the hand.

Finding the right walking stick for you

We stock walking sticks of all shapes and sizes, including bariatric and swan neck varieties that place the hold point directly above the central axis to aid with control and weight placement. Customers love our quadruped walking sticks because of their four-legged broad-base design which enhances stability. If you’re looking for a more manoeuvrable option, our adjustable walking sticks can extend to your whim while still being as light as a feather.

Storing your stick when not in use can be an issue, and this is solved with our folding walking sticks that fold into a small and convenient shape. All of these types of walking sticks can be found on this page of our storefront. If you are unsure of the size that works for you, view our guide to walking stick adjustment so you can use it at the correct height for you.

Mobility Aids Specialists

The Mobility Aids Centre has four decades of pedigree in giving people the equipment they need to lead a fulfilling life. Our team has expert knowledge that weaves into everything we do, especially when it comes to helping our customers with any queries. Contact our team today or visit our showroom to find out more about our collection of walking sticks and how we can help you start living a free and mobile life.

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