Making Wheelchair Cushions Special

When it comes to the latest and greatest in wheelchair accessories, serving each the user and the person pushing, look no further! Our goal at The Mobility Aids Centre is to make life as comfortable as possible for those who have restricted walking abilities.

Enhanced Comfort

Here, we have compiled a collection of cushions we consider to be the most effective additional components for wheelchair usage. Ranging from optimised gel cushions for increased comfort, to those supplying functionality; we have streamlined the copious options available and tailored to offer what we consider the most superior products.

We respect that, with such an amount of time spent in your wheelchair, it is imperative your experience is as enjoyable as possible. Our wheelchair pillow cushion, for example, provides snugness at all angles. Likewise, we have luxurious cushions for your seat that are constructed with memory foam.

Why Buy With Us?

At The Mobility Aids Centre, we have highly-competent service advisors who are more than willing to guide you with any additional information you desire. For any additional inquiries, we’d love to hear from you at 01733 342242.

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