Pedal Exercisers

Pedal exercisors are a great way to stay fit when you may be restricted to move around the house or outside due to illness or injury

The pedal exercisers that The Mobility Aids Centre supplies are an effective and affordable example of where therapeutic aids are vital to your rehabilitation. The low-impact approach to exercise means that the control is totally in your hands. Body conditioning is a huge factor in recovery, for example after injuries, and for this reason such a device is remarkably effectual. In addition, these devices are hugely beneficial for those with low mobility as it allows you a safe and supported environment in which to practice and persist. 

They are made even more popular for their compact and light-weight design. All our pedal exercisers have versatility on their side, as they are fantastic for use by either pedalling with your legs or your hands. They are also awarded the ability to be used in a variety of contexts. From domestic environments to therapy centres, the pedal exerciser has a purpose. 

For a more comprehensive experience, the additional digital display means you can confidently track your progress with time, calories and reps alongside the ability to adjust resistance. If this attribute is not something you are concerned about from such a therapeutic aid, you still have the simple-yet-effective option that provides practicality and an endless opportunity of exercise. 

Incorporating pedal exercisers for therapeutic aids is such a simple yet important way to fully immerse yourself in a safe and powerful journey back to rehabilitation. They are also pivotal for providing practical and efficient mobility support to those who require this element in their lives.      


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