Pads & Pants

The Mobility Aids Centre supplies a comprehensive range of pad and pants incontinence aids that aim to keep you feeling comfortable and dry. Our item list spans from reusable, washable products which serve to maintain ecological value, to disposable, single-use products that offer extended incontinence benefits.

Our washable continence aids allow you to always have a product on-hand. They are waterproof and breathable, and very easy to clean. They have space for marsupial (removable) pads which allows you to quickly change the pad to a dry alternative should continence problems strike.

They are made from breathable and comfortable cotton with elasticated properties which makes them more pleasant to wear. We have unisex options or products that are devoted to male or female users.

Whether disposable or re-usable, all our incontinence pads and pants are soft, comfortable, secure and fitted. All products are made from materials that prevent your discomfort and furniture from damage if urinary continence incidents occur. We also have products that are built to defend against soiling incidents; these are more durable and effective in keeping your clothes clean.

Our incontinence underwear is designed to combat odour control and offer discreet protection. You may always feel confident in the quality of the products we have selected. We have tried to ensure every attribute assists in preserving your comfort and well-being. The material that is used to manufacture the pads and pants aims to be universally safe, as such, certain materials like latex are limited but you should check this if you are concerned. Further, so as to ensure the user is able to utilise their body to its fullest, we have found products with crinkle-free and flexible materials.

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