Therapy Equipment

Our comprehensive collection of therapy aids aims to help you rebuild or improve your body’s abilities, specifically when it comes to posture, strength, stability and flexibility. For those who are undergoing rehabilitation, we have incorporated some incredibly innovative devices to assist in your journey. 

For others looking to build muscle strength and body conditioning to whatever degree, our catalogue has something for everyone! We want to make independent living far more accessible for you. As such, we have discovered the weird to the wonderful in terms of therapy aids to assist in helping you gain this. 

Through the use of our therapy aids, body mobility and strength is increased. We have brought together products that have individual concentrations across the body. From hand therapy exercising devices to extensive stretching aids, these more portable items provide simple yet effective results. 

Conversely, we also have complex and powerful devices for all-body conditioning, such as the NuStep collection of cross-trainers. These machines are revolutionary in the field of mobility aids and therapy aids as they are entirely driven by the user. You are in total control of speed and resistance, and this is really encouraging for independent growth!

The Mobility Aids Centre also understands how heavily massage tools fall under the therapy aids umbrella. Therefore, we have introduced many different options appropriate to the user’s necessities for bestowing physiotherapy treatment. Our collection of balls and rolls allow you to improve muscular flexibility, coordination and general balance. Exercise is a huge component when it comes to therapy aids, and these balls allow the comfort needed as you become familiar with the process.


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