Bed Rails & Cot Sides

Your safety is vital at all moments throughout the day and night. The Mobility Aids Centre understands the need for additional safety measures for those who have restricted mobility, especially when it comes to your bed.

Our sleeping aids aim to fulfil a variety of purposes that combat your individual concerns. With the right sleeping aid, you are ensured the utmost in support. From our selection, you will find a sleeping aid or transfer aid that is applicable to your needs.

For individuals who suffer from ulcers and skin irritations, see our bed cradles that have been designed to restrict contact with your bedclothes. This reduces your discomfort while you sleep. The sheet and blanket lift support generates space between you and your bed linen. If you are suffering from pain, the last thing you want to have to do is kick your feet to move your duvet. Instead, the bed cradle hovers it above your body keeping you warm and cosy underneath.

If you struggle with bed transfers, our selection of bed rails is sure to combat your demands. This includes products that are versatile and manoeuvrable, adjustable and lightweight. Most of all, our transfer aids are incredibly safe and secure. They are built to attribute all bed sizes; from single to queen-size. They are highly robust and can manage weights up to 108kg. They also come with anti-slip

With the added confidence in such transfers, you will improve your stability when getting in and out of bed. In addition to being highly practical, these disability aids are completely portable. They easily collapse down to be transported in the back of the car for weekends away or for sleeping in temporary places that are not at home. Because of this, they are also really simple to put together and affix.

If your concerns lie in an ability to remain secure in your profiling bed while you are asleep, we also supply bumper cot sides. Transform your profiling bed into a cosy, safe environment with the addition of full-length easy-to-clean, comfortable foam pads. Such a sleeping aid helps you enjoy a full night of uninterrupted sleep as any risk of falls out of bed are eradicated.

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