Bed & Chair Raisers

Sometimes, an extra few inches of height makes all the difference to your confidence when it comes to transferring to a standing position from a bed or seat. The bed and chair raisers incorporated in our online shop will provide the extra lift you need for independent transfers. They are incredibly sturdy and refuse to budge once installed.

Seat and bed raisers provide faithful support to the furniture for which they are being used. They are made from robust materials that deliver paramount reinforcement, and this is despite their streamlined form. We sell both plastic, wooden, and combination raisers. Such materials are incredibly strong and enduring; they create the heavy-duty raisers you require. They have also been designed with non-slip attributes, which is incredibly important for your confidence in safety.

Our bed and chair raisers do not pose a trip hazard as they fit snugly and securely beneath the furniture that they are raising up. Our bed raisers will work on divans, castors, and block feet. Depending on the type of seat you wish to lift, we have items that are suitable to recliners and couches, dining chairs and furniture with more unique legs.

Some of our bed and chair raisers are height-adjustable, which is performed through an easy twist-motion. This simplifies the process that goes into levelling out the legs of the furniture which can be dependant on a variety of factors, such as uneven floors or weight-distribution of users.

Bed raisers are great transfer aids for low-mobility users who struggle with reaching a standing position. In addition, they host solutions to many other obstacles. Using bed risers for acid reflux can ease the symptoms by providing incline for your head. Using raisers for your chairs and seats is great for reducing the distance to sit and to stand, which makes this process far easier.

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