Overbed & Chair Tables

Why Do I Need An Over Bed Or Chair Table?

Our over-bed and chair tables provide a convenient place to put meals, drinks and other items making it easier to do everyday activities whilst in bed or sitting in a chair. Such seating aids have been invented to increase the comfort of those with body limitations. Our extensive list of over- bed and chair tables are easy to clean, simple to use, and quick to manoeuvre, therefore, the user will find no issue in using their table.

  • All of our mobility tables have been built to a high standard and with sturdy construction so you can feel total confidence in your daily use.
  • The adjustable angles of the bed and chair tables awards the user freedom to fix the device into a certain position to satisfy immediate needs.
  • Light-weight construction.
  • Really convenient; wheels, screws and configuration of our over bed and chair tables produce an amazing amount of versatility and manoeuvrability for users who have reduced mobility themselves.

What Benefits Does An Over Bed Or Chair Table Give?

Such practicality and purpose gives you extended freedom to enjoy your reading/writing/painting (etc) hobbies with ease in one moment, then in the next owning a suitable platform on which to hold your lunch or enjoy a cuppa. The multifaceted abilities to our bed and chair tables are endless!

Will A Chair Or Bed Table Fit In My Home?

In terms of storage, all our mobility tables compact easily and instantly. To satisfy your individual taste, these seating aids each own a unique style. From a contemporary mix of chrome and beech laminate to a more timeless teak aesthetic, our mobility tables promise to appeal to your preferences. Furthermore, the tables have been finished in such a way that makes cleaning a simple and effortless task.

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