Bathing Aids

When it comes to bathing with a disability or need for mobility assistance, it is important to make sure you have the right tools and bathing aids. Here at The Mobility Aids Centre, we pride ourselves in being able to offer you the best possible support through a wide range of high-quality bathing aids.

With everything from cast protectors and steps to top of the range bath lifts, no matter what type of bathing aid you need, we will be able to help you find it. As we have been helping and providing mobility aids for decades and value your health, each product in our bathing aids range is carefully chosen to ensure we only offer you the best. For our bathing aids range, we stock only the best brands, including but not limited to Aquatec, Ashby, Atlantis and EasyBar. This means that you can feel confident in your purchase, in that it will provide the support and assistance you need.

If you are looking to find new bathing aids, take a look through our range of products to see what we have available. Our range of bathing aids helps support all types of mobility difficulties. However, if you need assistance in finding what you need, we are more than happy to help discuss your requirements. You can get in touch with us through our contact form, give us a call or come into the showroom.

. From simple things such as bath seats, washing aids or shower chairs to innovative products such as bath lifts we supply the biggest range of high quality bathing equipment from top brands.

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