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Wheelchair Seat Reducer Insert
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  • Reduces seat width by 2"
  • Extends the life of your chair
  • Comfortable 
  • Designed to promote airflow

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Children grow fast! Before you know it, they have outgrown their clothes, shoes and even their wheelchair. For this reason, many parents select a wheelchair that is one size larger than needed in anticipation of future growth. But, an oversized wheelchair does not provide the proper positioning your child needs.

For many, insurance providers only allow for a new wheelchair every five years. For an adult, that may be acceptable, but a child can grow a huge amount in five years. The natural and common solution is to buy oversized equipment and make due until the child grows. Parents have been doing this for years. The idea of “filling the gaps” produced by oversized equipment has been around as long as children have been in wheelchairs, but rolled up towels and bunched up blankets have a serious down side. They are hot, lumpy, they won’t stay in position, and they look improvised.

This new wheelchair seat insert was specifically designed to provide proper positioning in an oversized wheelchair. The Reducer Seat Insert is a cushion that easily slips into the seat of any chair to reduce the usable dimensions. It may seem like a simple solution, but the wheelchair seat reducer is the product of years of clinical research and development. Designed by a coalition of Therapists and Rehabilitation Technology Specialists (RTS), The Reducer Seat Insert features a ribbed surface that is comfortable and promotes airflow and it can be trimmed to accommodate shoulder straps and lateral supports or most other positioning features. It’s washable, water resistant, lightweight, 100% latex free, and folds flat for storage.

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