Fall Management

Fall management products are essential to reduce the risk of people hurting themselves from falling. In this section, we have included a variety of crash mats to alleviate the impact suffered from falls and tumbles out of bed. The mats we sell are easily stored and built for absorbing impact in situations where vulnerable patients are more at risk of fall accidents. Therefore, our mobility aids have been designed to increase the feeling of security, which is really important when you need a good night’s sleep.

The high-density foam and padding that provides the shock absorption abilities fold easily for both storage and transportation. For further convenience, the mats have straps for simple handling and manoeuvering. They are all completed with a wipe-clean, waterproof, hygienic covering which is either vinyl or a vapour-permeable material. For additional security, the mats have anti-slip properties to restrict further trips and tumbles.

The thicker crash mats act as large cushions to reduce fall impact. The thinner mats are created with a lower ridge to allow better proximity for wheelchair access to beds. They are formed from advanced high-density foam that acts like a condensed cushion to ensure the falling impact is reduced, yet with a low profile. These fall management aids run easily alongside your bed and have dimensions to fit most users.

With our crash mats, you are guaranteed a soft landing in moments when falls happen. The mats provide a feeling of safety when cot sides are not an option. With these mats, you will gain ease, comfort and security for moments where you feel vulnerable.

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