As an extension to our sleep and resting aids, The Mobility Aids Centre introduces you to our comprehensive collection of mattresses. Our range starts from mattresses that provide the essentials in basic comfort yet paramount durable resistance from damage and abrasion. They are great for use with profiling beds due to their conformity abilities; they are flexible, comfortable and incredibly manoeuvrable for turns and rotations.

Many of our specially chosen mattresses contribute to ulcer prevention and reduced friction. These are the most effective choices for users who are rehabilitating or require a temporary sleeping aid because they can’t sleep in their own bed due to injury or damage. As a result of their ability to adjust with limited effect to performance with thanks to pressure rebutting technology, these options are ideal for profiling beds.

Our range then shifts to more sophisticated and luxurious options which are compiled either with memory foam or materials offering different degrees of firmness, as well as a variety of sizes. Some of these come with temperature control intelligence, which is effective for those who are sensitive to climate changes through the night.

The optimal support that these mattresses award means your spine is maintained at a straight angle. This is important for encouraging better posture and mobility during the day. Through pressure-relief, our mattresses ensure a commitment to user satisfaction.

For those seeking immediate and effective comfort, we have also included mattress toppers. These are perfect for reinvigorating your sleeping comfort with slowly wearing mattresses, or when you require just that little extra softness when you lay.

Sleeping comfortably is imperative for your health and mental well-being. As such, it is vital you select a mattress that reflects your disability requirements, and with our expertise, we will make this a reality.

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