Electric Recliners

For someone suffering from limited mobility, one of the most imperative products to have in the home is an electric recliner. Such a mobility aid serves to award the user the utmost in comfort while making sit-to-stand transfers effortless from the touch of a button. The recliners that we have selected to create our range are all fully adjustable to satisfy the user’s comfort preferences.

The motor function that generates the full-power lift is quick yet gentle. It presents full freedom for the user to find the exact position in which they wish to rest. Certain products also reach a flatter position to allow for sleeping.

Every attribute of comfort has been met, with each product excelling for a certain purpose. With a variety of cushioning functions, footrest height capabilities and ergonomic adjusting abilities, the recliners we offer aim to serve every individual’s size and height. Our electric recliners come in a variety of sizes, materials and colours. This means that you can easily find a product that matches your needs, preferences and interior style.

The support that our electric recliners achieve is unparalleled. These sit-to-stand aids offer all-encompassing head and lumbar relief while allowing for ease-of-movement for the user. This is what makes these options so revolutionary in the field of mobility aids.

For increased user confidence, consider purchasing an emergency multi-use back-up battery alongside your electric recliner order. This will give you assurance if your home is prone to power cuts, or if you would like to feel an extended essence of safety. Some of the recliner seating aids come with guarantees should any of the electrical elements fail, and this comes as part of our customer commitment.

Our range of electric recliners come from top brands such as Sherborne and Pride Mobility. With all of our powered recliners we offer free delivery and setup by one of our own product advisers within 40-50 miles of our showroom in Peterborough.

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