Adjustable/Profiling Beds

When considering the ideal adjustable or profiling bed to succeed in overcoming your individual needs, there are many properties you must consider. Our extensive range of tractable beds gives you all the opportunities you require to give you a restful night’s sleep or area to lay in comfort.

From weight concern to generous maximum heights, our profiling bed selection will appropriately meet your expectations. The Mobility Aids Centre has sought out products that own safety components as well as ease-of-use. All our beds are fully adjustable at the touch of a button, which accentuates user control and comfort while resting.

We have found options that provide countless opportunities for customisation to match your tastes and interior. With a selection of headboards, mattresses and fabrics to choose from, you are bound to find the attractive and practical profiling bed you desire. Your sleeping aid should fully reflect your style preferences as well as providing the utmost in support. These sleeping aids are great for permanent solutions to restricting physical health.

Your requirements and preferences are key when choosing your adjustable profiling bed. For this reason, our range extends from simple upper body movement to full body tailoring to suit your use at that moment. From laying flat to sitting up to read, you are moved gently and efficiently by use of the attached remote.

With such a degree of movement, the beds have been designed to encourage mobility; they make lay to standing positions much more accessible to the user. For increased safety, some of the beds come with side rail attachments to ensure you always remain secure while you sleep or rest. These are incredibly purposeful for situations where you are undergoing rehabilitation.

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