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How To Get The Most Out of Your EasyStand

Well, firstly, did you know about all the medical benefits you get from standing? Everything from improving and maintaining skeletal development and bone integrity to helping reduce joint and muscle pain – from improving circulation to managing and lessening the onset of scoliosis.

What Are The Benefits of Standing?

Standing builds endurance and strengthens the cardiovascular system while managing atrophy in the trunk of the body and lower extremities. It also aids in kidney, bladder and bowel functionality, decreasing muscle and joint contractures and managing pressure ulcers through changing positions.

So that’s why standing is good for you. But how do you get the most out of your EasyStand?

Getting The Most Out of Your EasyStand

Setting the seat depth is essential, both for getting in and out of the unit and also as you transition from sitting to standing. So, for a start, it’s a good idea to elevate your EasyStand to a slight upwards angle to accommodate this and make it easier for you to get in and out.

Once the seat depth is set, you can check the back angle to make sure the adjustment has been made properly.

Next, make sure your femur is resting all the way along the seat pad by adjusting the foot plates up and down. If the foot plates are too high, your knee position will also be too high, so make sure the footplates are at the correct height where your femur is completely resting on the seat. No space should be left under your legs.

Also, make sure that you are back far enough so that your knees don’t overhang the seat. Then adjust the knee pads and foot plates to fit. There are many different adjustments for these and you should be able to find a position that’s comfortable for you.

Now you can adjust the shadow tray so it’s nice and firm to prevent you from tipping forward when standing. Finally, activate the EasyStand… and you’re standing.

What Is The Best Position in an EasyStand

So in conclusion, always remember the key part of fitting in the EasyStand is to get your knee pivot point lined-up properly with the knee pivot point on the unit, making sure that your knee pads are set far enough back and your foot plates are far enough down. Then you need to line up your hip pivot point as close as possible to the hip pivot point on the unit by adjusting your seat depth.

If you get these two crucial adjustments correct, you will have a far better experience with your EasyStand.

So, how long does it take to put an EasyStand together?

It really depends on the EasyStand and the EasyStand accessories you might have ordered. It is fairly simple to put an EasyStand together but allow for 30-60 minutes, for additional help, for example, if you need an Owner’s Manual for any of our products, you can also download them from the appropriate product page of our website.

Finally, how should I clean my EasyStand?

Just use a mild soap, warm water and a damp cloth. It’s important not to spray the unit with a large amount of water as this could cause it to hold water and it may start to rust.

If you have any questions about EasyStand, feel free to call us on 01733 342242. Alternatively, if you want to look at the range of EasyStand products that we have available, please click here.

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