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Essential Tools to Aid You In The Kitchen

Meal times are a part of everyday life and not something that can be avoided. For those of us that suffer from conditions that affect our grip or dexterity – such as Parkinsons, Arthritis or even a Stroke – using an everyday tool like cutlery and crockery can be stressful.

We completely understand that, so as well as giving advice on how to live with Parkinson’s Disease (here) and letting you know which foods help with Arthritis (here), we also wanted to help you out in the kitchen too! As such, here are a number of accessories which can aid you to remain a king in the kitchen.

Preparing Your Meal

The first thing you’ll need to do in order to have a delicious dinner time is to prepare your meal. This can seem like a daunting task if you have a disability that affects your movement or grip. That’s where our kitchen accessories come into play.

Food Preparation System

Designed to help you when it comes to chopping and slicing, the Food Preparation System holds your fruit, vegetables and meat in place. It can also grip onto bowls, tins and other objects, meaning that this versatile tool can help with almost any meal preparation.

On top of that, because it is built around a standard chopping board, it is easy to clean and keep hygienic – a very important aspect of any mobility aids that you use.

Kitchen Grip Set

Whilst the Food Preparation System can help you actually get the food ready, you also need to be able to actually access the food that you want to prepare. For example, food stored in jars, bottles and other containers can be tricky to grip onto and open.

The Kitchen Grip Set is designed specifically for such a situation! Flexible and with a tight grasp, this set of tools will allow you to open even the most awkwardly shaped bottles out there!

Grubs up

Once dinner is on the plate, as you are sitting around the dining table, it can sometimes be hard to handle cutlery and other tableware if your disability affects your grip. However, we have you covered there as well!

Lightweight Foam Cutlery Set

Designed with thick handles made from foam, this Lightweight Foam Cutlery Set is perfect for those of you with a weak or painful grip. The fact that the cutlery pieces are all incredibly lightweight also means that they will put less strain on your joints and muscles.

Although please note, whilst the foam handles are perfectly fine for cleaning and washing, they are not suitable for a dishwasher.

Incurve Surround plate

When it comes to food like pasta and rice, it can be tricky to get it onto a fork or spoon as it is likely to slide off the plate. The Incurve Surround Plate is purpose-built to stop just this sort of thing happening.

By creating a curved wall around the majority of the plate, it allows you to push the food up against it so that it can slide onto your cutlery with ease. This makes meal times much easier and less stressful.

Washing up time

After the joy of a nice meal, the time comes for the dreaded clean up of the table and dishes. Washing dishes without a dishwasher, or cleaning the dishes that aren’t suitable for a dishwasher, can be a struggle if you have a weak grip.

Tap Turners

These Tap Turners are designed to make using the faucets of your skin much easier by increasing the grip area. On top of this, because the handles are much longer, the amount of effort needed to turn the taps on is much lower.

With their unique design, the Tap Turners can fit onto almost any faucet, no matter what the style is. No actual installation is needed either, as the screw handle simply tightens the Tap Turner onto the faucet.

Time to put the kettle on

The last part of kitchen life that we are going to look at today is that delightful cup of tea or coffee that everyone craves in the morning and after dinner. This little treat can be a wonderful bit of relaxation, especially as we get towards the winter months. However, because of the temperature of the water, you need to be careful if your grip is weak.

Kettle Tipper

The Universal Kettle Tipper allows you to put the kettle into the tool, which holds it as you tip it and pour the water into your favourite cup or mug. This is excellent as it takes away any of the risks of trying to pour the boiling water yourself.

With a 200mm diameter on the base plate, you can actually fit most kettle stands into the Universal Kettle Tipper as well. This means that you can actually boil the water in the Kettle Tipper as well, removing even more possible risks.

Medeci Adjustable Handle Cup

Once you have poured your cup of tea or coffee, you’re all set to sit down in front of your favourite TV show or movie. However, did you know about the Medeci Adjustable Handle Cup? This special cup allows you to move and adjust the handle, as well as add a second handle to it.

This is perfect if you have a weak or painful grip, as it means you can share the load of the cup on both hands. Therefore, it will become easier, more comfortable and safer to drink your favourite hot drink!

If you need advice on these disability aids or any other products that could make your life easier, then feel free to get in touch with us via our contact form or by calling us on 01733 342242.

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