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EasyStand – Buyer’s Guide

There is a huge selection of standing frames available these days. In fact, the incredible selection of choice can be very confusing, so we decided to put together a Buyer’s Guide for the EasyStand collection. We feel that EasyStand is the best of the bunch when it comes to standing frames and, if you give it a try with one of our demos, we’re certain that you’ll agree!

Determining which EasyStand standing frame is right for you depends on your specific individual needs. Our buying guide will help you to understand the different features that the various EasyStand frames have and will answer the important questions that you didn’t know you had!

EasyStand Evolv

The modular design of the EasyStand Evolv makes it one of the most versatile adult standing frames available. The standard model is perfectly functional for most users. However, every user is unique, which is why we offer a wide variety of positioning options to make sure each individual can be accommodated for. The Evolv also comes in three sizes, designed to cater for any user with the right support:

  • EasyStand Evolv Medium will support patients who range between 4ft (1.21m) to 5ft 6” (1.70m). It will also support 200lbs (200kg) of weight, making it a very durable and comfortable frame. Therefore, the EasyStand Evolv Medium is absolutely perfect for teenagers and shorter adults.
  • Evolv Large will hold a patient of 5ft (1.52m) to 6ft 2” (1.88m). This model also holds up to 280lbs (127kg). The EasyStand Evolv Large is a great fit for adults.
  • Evolv XT will support a patient of 6ft (1.82m) to 6ft 10” (1.85m) which is very suitable for patients who are particularly tall



Each size of the Evolv range also have a separate option known as the Evolv Mobile. This is a great addition which gives the user the confidence in self-propelled movement; brilliant for undertaking regular activities around the home. The Evolv models have the ability to allow the user to manually lift themselves into position or take advantage of the ‘Power Up Lift’ via a push button which will lift the user with minimal effort.


Summary of Benefits

  • Three size variations, meaning that the EasyStand Evolv can be modified to fit almost any need.
  • Huge range of customisation options to suit your requirements.
  • Evolv Mobile allows for movement as well as standing.

EasyStand Glider

The EasyStand Glider is the only frame that gives the user more ability in upper body strength as well as extra movement in the lower body. This particular model is useful for both the caregiver and the user to improve the patient’s upper and lower body movement. A caregiver will find the frame easy to take control of when necessary and this makes it safer in situations where this kind of adaptive design comes into its own element.


The frame is adjustable and gives the user a solid grip during use. Therefore, it is perfect for keeping the body in shape as well as for medical use. On top of this, the seat comes with hinged sections for the legs that breakaway, allowing the user to fully extended their legs when standing.

Making life easier for users who typically find it hard to exercise and rehabilitate themselves, the EasyStand Glider is perfect for patients who need to go from sitting to standing with ease and comfort.

Supported knee straps and comfortable seating are just one of many great features about the Glider, it also has a variety of optional extras like all of the models we offer.

Summary of Benefits

  • Helps the user improve upper body strength at the same time as lower body movement.
  • Adjustable frame and a strong grip is good for both exercise and medical use.
  • Comes with supported knee straps for the comfort of the user.

EasyStand Strapstand

The EasyStand Strapstand is a frame which allows the user to independently lift themselves from a wheelchair into a straight-standing posture, reducing pressure on the knees. The adjustable legs on this frame can swing out to make it easier for tighter fitting or larger wheelchairs to approach the standing frame. This makes the transition from seated to standing much easier. This is also a great feature which helps the carer lift the patient into the upright, standing position if necessary.


The lifting mechanism is also perfect for reducing the stress that a patient’s lower body might experience in their daily movements. The motions required to go through to a standing position are swift and manageable for those who require a device like this. The handle used to move the patient is designed to provide confidence in safety and stability, even when operating the EasyStand Strapstand by themselves. An added benefit with the EasyStand Strapstand is the fully upright, over-centre stretch that is made possible when in the standing position.

Summary of Benefits

  • Allows for independent lifting by the user.
  • Adjustable legs to fit various sizes of wheelchairs.
  • Lifting mechanism designed to reduce stress on the lower body.

The Benefits of All EasyStand Models

With all EasyStand products, the benefits in health and independence show great potential in easing the pain and stiffness that a user will typically endure without the assistance of an EasyStand.

Incorporating equipment of this nature into the home should always be done so with the provision of space and movement, to make life as easy as possible for the patient. This is why we offer the EasyStand because it really does exactly what it is intended for.

If any of the models above fit the description that would benefit you in daily life then please do not hesitate to send us a message or give us a call on 01733 342242.

We can arrange the perfect date for you to have a demo – this can be at our Assessment and Demonstration Centre or in your very own home! That’s right, you can come to us or we can bring the EasyStand to you for assessment, so that we can demonstrate just how incredible and revolutionary these standing frames really are.  

We’d love to keep in touch with you by email with exclusive offers, news and latest product information. Please be assured we’ll treat your information with the utmost care and will never sell it to other companies for marketing purposes.