4 Best Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicles Of 2019

Wheelchair accessibility has progressively become an important consideration, especially when it comes to transportation. This is essential for building the confidence and well-being of those who rely on a wheelchair to get around.

Such is the case, that the charity Motability has created a scheme where depending on your eligibility, you could have the opportunity of getting a car, scooter and/or powered wheelchair of your choice. For wheelchair and scooter users, a car is an obvious, practical solution for activities that involve friends and family, or inconvenient journeys. So with this scheme in mind, The Mobility Aids Centre takes a look at four fantastic wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) options in 2019.

(*The vehicles we have selected are based on wheelchair users as passengers. However, with reference to the Motability scheme, click here to read more about drive from wheelchair WAVs).

Volkswagen Caddy Life

Evolved from the VW Caddy van, this version of the vehicle is a fantastic passenger-carrying minivan. It comes in two different lengths – the Standard and Maxi. In our experience,  the Maxi version is the preferable option. This is because it has been designed to provide five seats (inc. the driver) alongside enough space to comfortably fit a wheelchair/scooter passenger.

With convenience and practicality at the forefront of its design, the Caddy Maxi Life has two sliding doors, and easy access towards the back to allow an extraordinary amount of entry for all passengers. This provides a massive amount of versatility, depending on the requirements of the vehicle.

Though not the cheapest option available, the adjustability settings speak for themselves. In addition, it comes in both automatic and manual transmissions. This MPV is fully eco-friendly by boasting efficiency technologies throughout the engine.

Finally, it has taken influence from some of the renowned alternative Volkswagen models, so in terms of style, the Caddy Life is one of the most striking out of the selection. Click here to read more about this vehicle.

Renault Master

By all means, one of the larger options that you can purchase is the Renault Master. It comes in varying sizes, so your choice is dependant on your necessities. The possibility of a rear lift (an adaptation you would need to look into), would provide wheelchair access with ease straight to the back seat area.

The colour options and adjustable attributes mean you can tailor this vehicle entirely to make it unique to your desires. Like the Caddy Maxi Life, the Master may comfortably seat five passengers including the driver and the wheelchair user.

It also has sliding doors to the side for additional access. Furthermore, when buying from the manufacturer, you have an insane amount of safety options that you can include in your order (such as Rear-View Assist and Lane Departure Warning). Click here to find out more.

Ford Torneo Connect

Once more offering two model sizes for your convenience (Short and Grand), is Ford’s example of WAV perfection. Alongside a wheelchair or scooter, this vehicle can hold up to either three or five additional passengers (including the driver and depending on the version of vehicle you choose).

Wheelchair access is via the rear by means of a compact and light-weight ramp. The Torneo Connect provides the utmost in space usage through design. The tailgate offers a generous entrance height of 1.4 metres.

Versatility is key with the Torneo Connect, especially in terms of the Grand version. You may configure the seats to be unique to your requirements; including the ability to replace the second row in the Grande with two individual seats to bring the wheelchair user to sit further forward.

You can rely on Ford to deliver effortless style and economical value, and this vehicle is no exception. With comfort and practicality all round, this is a great option as a WAV. Click here to read more about the Torneo Connect.

Fiat Qubo

Branded by Fiat as ‘the resourceful people carrier’, it comes as no surprise the Qubo is a highly-competent WAV. Though still owning space for a wheelchair user with additional passengers, it takes a more compact approach. This, and its tight turning circle, means that the Qubo is ideal for both city and country life.

Inside, it has been entirely restyled to satisfy the passengers’ desire for aesthetics and style. When it comes the functionality, the sliding doors allow for convenience, which is particularly handy for when in tighter spaces. Though one of the smaller vehicles in the list, the utilisation of space in the Qubo has been to an optimum standard.

Alongside the interior reinvigoration came a far greener engine, which is now awarded an engine emissions level Euro 6. One final major benefit of this WAV is that Fiat directly mentions the Motability scheme on their Qubo page. To find out more about the Qubo and its involvement in the scheme, click here.

Not Just Cars

The Motability scheme certainly provides a wonderful opportunity for those who are eligible for a WAV. It is really important to put in the research prior to going ahead with a particular vehicle to ensure it will satisfy your necessities.

Powered wheelchairs and scooters are also wholly part of the Motability scheme. With regards to these devices, The Mobility Aids Centre can supply you with the expertise and guidance to discover the perfect option for you under the scheme. Click here to find out how we are involved in the scheme. Alternatively, contact us on 01733 342242 for additional information regarding this article.