Why Would I Need an EasyStand?

For those who own an EasyStand, you likely hold no doubt why an EasyStand is a pivotal lifestyle-enhancing mobility aid. With such a variety of concepts to fulfil different demands, the EasyStand range has supplied the mobility and disability aids industry with innovation and opportunity.

Which EasyStand Device is for Me?

In this post, we are going to discuss why an EasyStand is the revolutionary standing aid that you need! The EasyStand collection supplied by The Mobility Aids Centre is compiled by four products, each of which is ground-breaking in its own right. You will find your requirements to be entirely embedded within at least one of these purpose-built standing aids.

EasyStand Evolv

First, let’s introduce you to our most modular and versatile standing frame in the form of the EasyStand Evolv. It has an unbelievable amount of configurations, pivot points and adjustments. These all work to ensure the user handles the device in confidence and comfort.

The intention of the Evolv is to encourage the user to reach their optimum standing position. This task is fulfilled with ease, as with all the adjustable components, the Evolv becomes bespoke to the user. Further, the Evolv fosters independence with an open base which allows the user to support themselves into a standing position.

Transfers are swift and entirely manageable, either independently or with a carer’s support. The standing position is achieved in three simple steps; adjust, transfer, and pump! Click here to view the Easystand Evolv.

EasyStand Strapstand

With an emphasis on pull rather than lift, the Strapstand makes transfers easier on the user’s joints and knees. It navigates weights up to 159kg too, making it a highly robust piece of equipment.

By using straps, this version of the EasyStand makes sit-to-standing positions more accessible, particularly for wheelchair users. This becomes even more apparent in the supportive lifting-arms and pump-action elevation; it can be used independently and at your own pace.

Due to these brilliant accompaniments, the Strapstand provides on-going support in a variety of contexts; in a domestic environment just as well that it would in a school or therapy centre. Due to these major attributes, the Strapstand is effective for those who have suffered spinal cord injury or stroke. It is also a life-changing device for those with Multiple Sclerosis, traumatic brain injury or Spina Bifida, and bariatric patients. Click here to view the Easystand Strapstand.

EasyStand Evolv Mobile Standing Frame

The Evolv Mobile exists to generate positive well-being and self-sufficiency. It encourages the user to regain their independence by creating self-propelled motion, meanwhile, embodying the optimum stance capabilities of the manual Evolv! It invites you to enjoy your social life to a newfound degree.

It could be described as a wheelchair on which you travel in a standing position. The technology behind this device means that it is incredibly safe, supportive and straightforward to use. Similar to the Evolv, the countless adjustment potential makes this a standing aid fully tailored to the user.Click here to view the Easystand Evolv Mobility Standing Frame.

EasyStand Glider Standing Frames

Arguably the most advanced EasyStand standing support in the industry of mobility and disability aids. It unites the abilities of a standing aid with a cardiovascular machine to create all-body movement.

The EasyStand Glider presents autonomy. Where the previous models allow a user to stand, this machine inspires you to walk. For this reason, it is the EasyStand model most effective for rehabilitation following spinal damage. This is through the unparalleled provision of care and support alongside tenacious body-conditioning workouts. Which, by the way, are entirely regulated by the user who may control resistance as seen fit. Click here to view the Easystand Glider.

I Want an EasyStand! So Now What?

Fantastic! You see how all the phenomenal characteristics of an EasyStand mobility aid would be highly beneficial to you. So why not ring us for a free demonstration? Alternatively, we always welcome you to visit us at The Mobility Aids Centre Showroom where we can discuss your queries face to face with a mobility expert!