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  • Designed for younger children from 2 1/2 years.
  • Low gear ration for easy pedalling
  • Can purchase as a standard trike or with a wide range of accessories as shown in image

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Designed with younger children in mind, it is suitable for children from 2 1/2 years. It has a low gear ratio for easy pedalling, 12 1/2" wheels, parking brake and smaller handlebars for those smaller fingers and hands.

Additional Features:

Padded backrest (shown in image)

The padded backrest is used when upper trunk is usually good but back support is required. The vecro belt attached secures the upper trunk.

Pelvic Strap (shown in image)

To stop the pelvis slipping forward when pedalling a pelvic strap can be used to maintain the pelvis in position. Padded dual pull pelvic straps are available.

Small Foot Sandals with pulley system (shown in image)

Foot sandals (internal length 5.1/2” shoe length) help hold the foot in position on the pedal and have velcro straps to maintain position when cycling.

Control Pole (shown in image)

If you want to assist or slow down your cyclist the control pole allows the attendant control. Useful when close to busy roads and easily removable when in open spaces and parks.

Standard Handle Bars (shown in image)

Standard handle bars are fitted to most models but there are optional looped and cumfy grip options available.

Enclosed chain guard (shown in image)

Ensures clothes keep clear of the chain.

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