The Top 6 Accessories For Your Mobility Scooter

At The Mobility Aids Centre, we comprehend how busy this time of year is as Christmas draws closer. Therefore, you are probably going to be out and about more on your mobility scooter! However, it isn’t the most leisurely thing for everyone and can legitimately become a chore if you’re lacking the help that you need. This is why we have compiled together some of our top mobility scooter accessories that will make your life easier at the busiest times of the year!

Mobility Scooter Seat & Control Panel Covers

Even though the busy times of the year can cause high levels of stress, having a mobility scooter to maintain can be just as stressful in itself! Therefore, buying scooter seat covers and control panel covers is a perfect and affordable way to provide protection for your scooter, ready for use in all weather conditions. It also helps you escape any wear and tear that frequent use brings!

Let’s face it, you don’t buy an expensive mobility scooter if you won’t enjoy riding it, so a waterproof scooter seat cover to keep your seat dry is ideal for when you want to expand relaxation even further! We understand that there are countless models of mobility scooters, so our chosen covers are all elasticated so they can be easily adjusted and secured to any size.

Mobility Scooter Storage Cover

Even though your mobility scooter is sheltered from the contaminated outdoors when you’re not using it, there’s also a lot of grime that can build up indoors. Don’t get me wrong, a good clean to spruce up your mobility scooter every now and again is great, but a storage cover will prevent this from having to become a daily chore!

This storage cover is made out of heavy-duty fabric and is simple to fit and remove at your convenience so you won’t have to worry about protection again! There are waterproof covers for a large range of sizes and shapes of mobility scooter, including deluxe, adjustable covers to fit larger scooters!


Tiller Accessory Pack

The part of the mobility scooter that everyone uses the most are the handles and control panel, otherwise, how would you get around?! So, it’s essential that you protect your scooter controls as best as you can to avoid deficiency. A great source of protection is a tiller accessory pack which features a handy storage bag, a transparent cover with strips of velcro for extra security and a basket liner and cover to ensure dry contents! This way, you’re aiding yourself and the mobility scooter at the same time, so why would it not be a must-have accessory?

Splash Crutch/Walking Stick Bag

The tiller accessory pack might feature a storage bag, but it’s not the most generous for space! This is why a crutch/walking stick bag may also come in good use. This bag is specially designed to fit perfectly on the back of a large variety of mobility scooters (as well as wheelchairs), providing you with an easy way to hold your shopping or any other important objects.

The bag also features a built-in storage section on the side for your crutch or walking stick which won’t take up any unnecessary space inside. The bag also features a reflective strip on the back to ensure extra awareness from other pedestrians. So in essence, you are getting two for the price of one…convenience and safety!

Lined Mobility Scooter Poncho

Helping protect your mobility scooter is crucial, especially when it’s your much-needed travel assistant, but this doesn’t mean you should forget about protecting yourself too. We might all feel used to the British weather by now, but it’s still important to shelter ourselves from the rain, whether it’s just drizzling or raining cats and dogs! This is when a scooter poncho comes in handy, covering your whole body when you need it most. This poncho is 100% waterproof and fully lined with a snug-fitting hood and neckline to keep you cosy, assuring maximum comfort!

It also features a small pouch so those items that need to be kept close at hand don’t have to be put in the bag behind you. A scooter poncho may look like a headache to get on and off but this poncho features a full-length zip. So, if the weather can’t make it’s mind up, you can simply slide it on and off when needed!


PVI Utility Ramp

Whether you are already planning your summer holiday for next year or going away to visit your family this Christmas, effortless accessibility for you and your mobility scooter is key to a stress-free trip! This is why a ramp is essential, so you don’t have to worry about what obstacles could come your way when you are on your travels.

There are a range of different types of ramps that you can buy for your mobility scooter, including threshold, single-fold and multi-fold ramps. This PVI utility ramp is lightweight and can be separated into two pieces which allow for a smooth, convenient set up wherever you go. You might be wondering whether the ramp is suitable for your mobility scooter or not, but this one suits a variety of wheel compositions. Not to mention, it has a lifetime warranty which ensures endless certainty!


Do You Need More Advice on Mobility Scooter Accessories?

If you need more information on any of the products covered in this article, why not take a look at our full range of Mobility Scooter Accessories. If you want more guidance on which accessories might be right for you and your scooter, don’t hesitate to call us on 01733 342242.