The Best Home Mobility Aids

Our homes are our sanctuary and should provide us with the warmth, safety and enjoyment that we all deserve. Whether you live alone or have a home that resembles a train station, our homes shape our mood, and that affects our outlook of the world. If charity begins at home, then put a penny in the jar, put the kettle on and take notes on how to create a warm, safe and enjoyable home space.

Mobility around the home is vital for stress-free living and all areas of the home can benefit from those little touches that make the everyday of living remain bright and happy.

How To Get Out Of Bed With Ease

8.00AM : Time to get out of bed!

Not only do we spend an extraordinary amount of time in our lives sleeping, but our ability to be happy and productive in the day depends on the quality of our sleep. A good bed is a must-have in your home! OK, so you’ve had a good sleep – tick – now, just like almost everyone we’ve ever known, the real challenge is to get out of bed!

Living with mobility issues makes this already frustrating task that little bit more painful. Sure, its an investment, but with an adjustable bed that will last you many, many years we guarantee that the benefit outweighs the cost. Which really is only a few more (retrospective) pennies in the proverbial charity jar every day. A better sleep today makes a better tomorrow!

How to Banish the Bathroom Blues with Bathroom Mobility Aids.

8:10AM : Time to freshen up!

So, we’re up and our warm beds are now cooling down – we need to get ready. Time to freshen up and the bathroom is our usual next stop. Now, our bathroom needs are a delicate matter and the range of our bending, stretching, standing and sitting really test our waking bones. Sometimes, you need a helping hand and products such as self-cleaning commode chairs or bath lifts can really help make freshening up a refreshing experience. They can also help you to gain a sense of independence as well.

Stay Safe In The Kitchen With EasyStand – The Perfect Kitchen Aid

8.30AM : Breakfast Time

As we’ve told you before, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and we stand by that! If movement around the home concerns you, then have you considered domestic versions of the extremely popular EasyStand? The EasyStand is built with practicality in mind and allows you to freely move around the the whole home. Plus, as its name tells, it allows you to transition from sitting to standing positions with ease. Making and eating breakfast now becomes a much more enjoyable part of your morning – and you’re ready to face your day!

Living Room Relaxation

6.00PM : Back from Work (or shopping) and Relax!

After a hard day’s work, it’s time to decompress, relax and catch up on those unwatched boxsets. What better way to unwind than on your favourite sofa. A sofa perfectly moulded to the contours of your body, that is also stylish is a must-have for any comfort-oriented person looking to unwind after a hard day.

Think Joey and Chandler, and their now (in)famous La-Z-Boy’s, and you know what we mean. So, ok, time has moved on since the 1990’s, but our desire for living-room comfort hasn’t. With so many styles to choose from, our electric recliners would not look out of place in any modern, style-conscious home. Sit back and unwind!

The Best Bathroom Aids to Help you Relax

9.00PM : Create the Perfect Bathroom Sanctuary

What better way to relax into a cosy slumber than first creating a bathroom haven. Whether you dim the lights, pipe some music or light some candles before gently relax into an aromatherapy bath, this part of the day can be the most peaceful. The last thing you want to experience is the slippery path towards the plug hole, so think about having beautiful modern grab rails installed and don’t forget bath boards or seats to give you the reassurance that your relax time will truly be relaxing.

You’re in Safe Hands. 30 Years Mobility Experience.

10.00PM : Rest Assured

After the perfect day, you’re feeling calm, relaxed and ready to sleep. Companies like ours are always here to support you. Rest assured, if you’ve experienced discomfort in any way, we’ve thought about it and bring to you our experience in making lives better for all.

We are always here to provide you with a helping hand and bring to you what you need to have a perfect day. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you make your house a truly comfortable home.