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Standing Frames

EasyStand Standing Frames

EasyStand is a leading industry manufacturer of the standing frame product. With the 4 main variations on sale at The Mobility Aids Centre, you will find the perfect solution to your daily needs here. The EasyStand range has the ability to assist with a range of disabilities and the designs range from self-propelled to sit-to-stand models which specialise in assisting users to gain independence and improve rehabilitation for those who have suffered a spinal injury.

EasyStand is a leader in the industry for supportive standing frames. They are committed to providing the best possible fitment for users as well as the ease of use to assist the patient and carer in delivering the right functionality and post-injury development.

We take our customers quality of life very seriously and would recommend the EasyStand systems to achieve the results and improvement you require from the products.

There are a variety of different models which we stock, consisting of the EasyStand Evlov & Evolv Mobile, Glider & Strapstand. Widely used amongst many residences that provide the assistance and rehabilitation in daily life. EasyStand was created by a quadriplegic and has helped many patients to improve their quality of life.

The Evolv range can be chosen to fit the patient, no matter their size and weight, which makes this a perfect choice for anyone who is in the range of 4’ to 6’10”. The XT can accommodate for up to 350 lbs in weight so this really does give you the additional support.

EasyStand’s Glider model is perfect for permitting users to fully extend the limbs whilst standing; this allows the user to develop both upper body strength and improve circulation in the lower part of the body. The EasyStand Strapstand is equally impressive as this is perfect for an at home & at work solution to make life much easier for wheelchair users. Another example of how the range improves mobility and independence.

There are a range of medical benefits which the EasyStand systems provide including:


  • Develop their range of mobility & motion

  • Reduce contractions of joints and muscles.

  • Increase overall strength

  • Reduce spasms of muscles

  • Improve digestive bowel functionality

  • Prevent swelling of lower body parts


The choice is clear when looking for a suitable standing frame. Call one of our team to discuss your requirements today.



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