Gait Trainers

The LiteGait gait training therapy equipment offers therapists a variety of options when working with clients suffering from strokes, spinal cord injuries and general rehabilitation work with a multitude of conditions and therapies. The LiteGait harness secures the client into a comfortable, supported position allowing the therapist two free hands to develop gait patterns and a rehabilitation plan. Used over the ground or in conjunction with a treadmill the LiteGait offers patients a wide range of challenges otherwise unavailable, to help their specific needs.

Features of Gait Trainers

  • Support Arms- Adjustable support arms allow different patients to use the machine. The reason for supporting the patient is to negate gravity, allowing them to focus on the training which otherwise is impossible.
  • Power lift- Some gait trainers do not offer a power lift. This feature eases the therapist’s job in adjustment for example from seated to standing with finer grained control at the push of a button.
  • Battery Powered- Avoiding the need for mechanical cranking is a big benefit.
  • Adjustability- A patient grows with a good system being able to accommodate this and also good adjustability allows the shared use across clients.
  • Solid Ground or Treadmill- The ability to use with a Treadmill or overground is a key feature.

Gait Trainers are specialised pieces of equipment and we would advise you talk to our specialised team about this product and your requirements – call now 01733 342242.

Demonstrations available through our product advisor – contact us today for further information.

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