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K Series Titanium
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Küschall K-Series wheelchairs come in a choice of three exceptional materials: Aluminium, Titanium and Carbon, each with its own attributes and benefits.

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Küschall K-Series Aluminium

A «No Limits» range with personality at the heart of its design 

First produced in 1825, aluminium is the most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust and the most widely used nonferrous metal. It is 100% recyclable, without anyloss of its natural qualities, and it offers a wide range of properties, most notability its lightweight and durability that has seen it widely used in transportation, packaging, construction, the aerospace industry and for electrical transmission.

Küschall K-Series Aluminium wheelchairs are highly versatile, hardwearing and configurable. They are available with a wide range of options to suit your exact needs and requirements in order to provide you with even greater comfort and flexibility.

Küschall K-Series Titanium

For total freedom of action

Titanium was discovered in 1791 and is mostly used in the aviation and motor industries, particularly in car and motorcycle racing. Often used as a strategic material, titanium is perfect for use in areas where weight reduction is critical while the need for strength and rigidity is also paramount. Furthermore, titanium resists corrosion, is bio-compatible and non toxic, making it a very versatile and popular material.

Withstanding the rigours of everyday use, küschall K-Series Titanium wheelchairs are suitable for even the most extreme people. Strong and compact, it is the perfect wheelchair for someone who wants a truly unique wheelchair as the means of everyday mobility.

Küschall K-Series Titanium

Express yourself in pure lines, lightness and performance

The key building block for life and essential to the existence of all living things, carbon is a rigid, reliable and incredibly versatile substance. Popular in aerospace, civil engineering, the military, and in motor sports, carbon has been adopted by designers for its flexibility and its purity.

Küschall K-Series Carbon wheelchairs are suitable for highly active people who demand aesthetic appeal together with exceptional strength and high quality driving performance. It represents a break through in innovative wheelchair design and enables the person to express their personality, navigating life with absolute confidence: the hallmark of küschall.

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