How To Maintain a Wheelchair

Having a wheelchair can mean you need to be able to rely on it at all times, especially if you use it every day. Wheelchair maintenance is so important as it ensures the necessary comfort you require while using it.

On top of this, once you have brought a wheelchair, you are going to want to make sure that the wheelchair lives for as long as possible. This is why, in our lasted guide, we have focused on how to look after your wheelchair.

To help you, we have created a wheelchair maintenance checklist that will cover all the bases needed for a perfect ride for years to come.

How often should you check your wheelchair?

As mentioned, the maintenance of a wheelchair is vital for both the durability and the comfort of use. Therefore, it is imperative to keep a routine check of your wheelchair to get the most out of your money. The frequency and thoroughness of the checks will depend on the model and use of your wheelchair. On top of this, certain features of a wheelchair will visibly see more wear than others.

As mobility experts, we would strongly recommend a check of the tyre pressure on a monthly basis. Further to this, an inspection of brakes should be undertaken to prevent any obvious problems that could cause an accident.

Much like a car, an annual check by an authorised supplier of wheelchairs is recommended. This can only benefit you as it will allow the wheelchair to be used to its full capacity and life-time.

The Wheelchair Maintenance Checklist


The front wheels of a manual wheelchair are very important to ensure a smooth journey from A to B. As they provide smoother manoeuvres, it is vital that they moving fluidly. To prevent the wheels from jamming and wearing unevenly, the front wheels should be washed to remove any dirt that could be blocking the rotation. On top of this, we would recommend oiling the centre of the wheels to prevent rust.

In some cases, bumps in the road can cause the wheels to lose alignment. This may make it harder to push as the wheels are not straight. If this happens, we would recommend calling us on 01733 342242 to book a service appointment!


The most important item to check on your wheelchair maintenance list is, of course, the rear tyres. This included the inner tubes as well as the tyre itself. As we have mentioned already, the correct tyre pressure is very important for ensuring a smooth journey and an even wear of the tyre surface. In most cases, the recommended tyre pressure is printed on the tyre wall.

If you look at a wheelchair tyre the same way as a tyre on a bike, you want to see an even grip around the whole wheel and no flat spots caused by hard braking. If the tyre has lost its tread, it will need to be replaced as this means it will be nearing the point of bursting through to the inner tube.


When assessing the state of the brakes, it is recommended that the most frequent user completes the test as they know how the braking procedure should feel. It is very important to act quickly once you feel your brakes are losing their feel.

Wet pavements and other slippery surfaces can cause used bakes to underperform; therefore, we would recommend that they are kept to a pristine level.


The frame of your wheelchair is of course, very important. To prevent rust from storage and rain, we would recommend a bi-monthly clean and oil treatment to keep the parts in peak condition.

Over time, screws can become loose from weather changes, this will cause parts to jolt. Using a screwdriver or alan key, we would recommend checking the tightness of the overall frame on a monthly basis, including the footrests.

Wheelchair Service and Repairs

At The Mobility Aids Centre, we have a servicing and repairs team that specialises in keeping wheelchairs well maintained for long-lasting life.  This allows our customers to have peace of mind when buying a wheelchair from our website or in our showroom.

If you would like to find out more about our maintenance packages or would like to book an appointment. Visit our Peterborough Showroom or call us on 01733 342242.