How The Mobility Aids Centre Changed The Life Of A Vietnam Veteran

Recently, at The Mobility Aids Centre, we have helped a local Peterborough Vietnam war veteran. Hurley Whitehurst, aged 77, now has a substantially improved prospect of life all thanks to his new, award-winning mobility scooter.

Hurley Whitehurst, who lives in March (Peterborough) shared his extremely interesting story with us. Born in New York, serving 28 years in the US air force as a theatre nurse and medical technician. Hurley, served across the world during his time, including Vietnam. Sadly, he experienced lots of horrific injuries as his role in the air force was predominately putting soldiers back in one piece; However, Hurley found his time very fulfilling and most memorable.

Although his resilience to demanding circumstances that most people would never experience, Hurley has experienced a change in his everyday mobility over the last few years. This has resulted in the need for a mobility scooter. Originally, Hurley chose the very reliable TGA Breeze, which has won the extreme scooter challenge on BBC’s famous Top Gear series.

Mobility Aids That Open Up Opportunities

As they have for years and years, mobility scooters have always helped people with mobility restrictions to continue living their day to day life outside. This is exactly true for Hurley, that would not have been able to access his local community and experience opportunities that required him to leave his house. Hurley is notorious for being independent and in his own words “hates asking anyone for help”. This is why having a mobility scooter is so important to Hurley.

Originally, Hurley test drove the TGA Breeze S4 Mobility Scooter at Peterborough’s famous Mobility Roadshow. He described it as the “Rolls-Royce of Mobility Machines” which is why he fell in love with it. At The Mobility Aids Centre, we helped Hurley purchase his very first Breeze mobility scooter from us.

Hurley enjoyed it so much, that it resulted in him buying another mobility scooter from us; However, in this instance, Hurley chose the TGA Breeze S4 Max, due to its enhanced performance and extra-wide rear wheels. He uses his scooter to visit the Town Centre,  park and the doctors. This allows Hurley to enjoy the outdoors independently!

How Mobility Scooters Can Make A Difference?

Hurley is incredibly humble and told us how he does not see himself as a hero. Vietnam will live with him for the rest of his life. He hopes to one day go back to where he served. Hurley did struggle when he took early retirement, due to being so attached to the Armed Forces.

Without his mobility scooter, Hurley says that his life would have been much harder after retirement because he would have been restricted from making the memories he has made so far with his mobility aid.

The Difference Our Customer Service Makes

Over the years, At The Mobility Aids Centre, we have built a strong relationship with Hurley. Words from Hurley about his experience with us speaks volumes;

“I take pride in being self-reliant however as you get older you do need to ask for help sometimes. Paul at the Mobility Aids Centre has consistently supported me over the years without any hassle or fuss which I like. From getting me my scooter on the Motability scheme to sorting out any question quickly, they are so helpful and deserve recognition of their commitment to customers.”

If you would like to find out more about finding the perfect mobility scooter, just like Hurley did, we have a team of mobility aids experts in our Peterborough Showroom or available over the phone to help you discuss the options out there for you!