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Backrest Extension
Backrest Extension Backrest Extension Backrest Extension
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If you are tall or prefer a higher backrest for your wheelchair, we offer a convenient, easy-to-install, low-cost option. The Backrest Extension adds 6 inches of height to any wheelchair. It fits all major wheelchair brands and is easy to install and remove. No tools necessary! The Backrest won’t damage your wheelchair. It is washable and folds for easy storage.

The Backrest can allow you to relax and sleep in your wheelchair and enjoy better comfort throughout the day. Adding a Backrest to your wheelchair can help to extend the life of your wheelchair.

How Does the Backrest Extension Work?

The Backrest Extension attaches to the wheelchair’s push handle extensions with the help of an additional clamp set. It fits onto any wheelchair, no matter how wide. The Backrest Extension can be easily removed, allowing for minimal fuss when it comes time to wash it.

Please note this product is an optional accessory that requires push handle extensions, these are not included. An additional set of handle extender clamps is already included so you do not need to purchase an additional set.

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