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Escape Lite Wheelchair Ruby Red 46cm

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  • Ultra lightweight at only 10.5kg
  • Folding frame and backrest, making it ideal for travel and easy storage
  • Metallic frame in orange, purple or silver
  • Comfortable padded flame retardant upholstery

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One of the issues with many wheelchairs is that they can be very heavy. So, a lightweight wheelchair is an excellent alternative for those who only require the unit for occasional use. Boasting a folding frame and an extremely comfortable design, the Escape Lite wheelchair is perfect for those who wish to enjoy stability alongside user-friendly ergonomics.

A Durable and Portable Wheelchair

This aluminium wheelchair can be easily moved from place to place (such as when travelling or should one require it to be stored for a length of time). It is suited for both indoor and outdoor use; such levels of functionality are an added advantage. The Escape Lites sturdy 10.5kg aluminium frame is resistant to corrosion while further contributing to such a lightweight feel.

A Wheelchair with Small Wheels and Big Advantages

The small wheels will help the user to negotiate difficult turns and tight spaces. Flexible footrests, padded arms and soft upholstery make this unit perfect for anyone who has been less than satisfied with low-quality alternatives. The robust rear handles will likewise allow a friend, family member or healthcare proffessional maintain full control from behind. This model is available in both narrow (41 centimetres) and standard (46 centimetres) widths. Puncture-proof tyres and cable-operated brakes round out the amenities that this wheelchair has to offer.

Features overview

  • Ultra lightweight
  • Folding frame and backrest
  • Metallic silver frame
  • Padded flame retardant upholstery
  • Puncture-proof rear tyres - 30.5cm (12½")
  • Puncture-proof front castors - 20 x 2.5cm (8 x 1")
  • Full length armrest • Attendant-operated cable brakes
  • Swing-away and detachable footplates
  • Half-folding back to make reaching behind you easier. This also makes the chair more compact for storage.
  • Seat belt included

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