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What Are The Best Portable Scooters?

Mobility scooters are very large and cumbersome machines, especially when trying to transport them, aren’t they? Well, actually, they don’t need to be!

Picture the scene; you are going out for a family trip to a new city (maybe for a weekend break). You need to get your mobility scooter there as well, so you need to have a vehicle large enough to store it, as well as your family and your luggage. It’s a bit tricky, right?

That’s where portable mobility scooters come into play.

What Is A Portable Scooter?

A portable mobility scooter is a special type of mobility scooter that can be easily folded away or disassembled in order to make it easier to move around and transport. They are typically very lightweight mobility scooters, developed by the highest level scooter manufacturers.

If you are travelling a lot, or need a mobility scooter that is easy to store away in a compact area, then portable scooters could be exactly what you need! But the question is, which one should you choose?

To help with that, here is a list of the portable mobility scooters that we would recommend!

Minimo Plus 4 Mobility Scooter

The Minimo Plus 4 is one of the best of the best when it comes to portable scooters. It features pneumatic tyres to ensure that you get a nice and comfortable ride. It also means that the scooter can go further on a single charge, which is great.

On top of this, even though the battery offers a larger capacity than a lot of scooters, it’s still really light and easy to pick up – you can do it with one finger! Because of this, the Minimo Plus 4 definitely earns the distinction of being one of the most portable scooters on the market.

Pride Quest Folding Electric Mobility Scooter

Described as the perfect Mobility Scooter for an active lifestyle, the Pride Quest Folding Scooter features amazing performance when inside and a top speed of 4mph as well. This portable scooter was designed with functionality, practicality and comfort in mind from the very beginning.

Thanks to this focus, the Pride Quest is able to fold up into an incredibly compact space, features a detachable battery box that also has an anti-theft lock, and clear LED lights on both the front and back.

TGA Zest Plus Electric Mobility Scooter

Longer and wider than the standard TGA Zest, the Zest Plus is able to do more than double the range of its younger brother, reaching up to 18 miles as opposed to 8. Therefore, the TGA Zest Plus gives you a much bigger and stronger sense of freedom. The fact that you don’t need to charge the scooter all the time, after a single use, is a wonderful feeling.

The TGA Zest Plus can also be taken apart, splitting into 5 different sections, meaning that transport of the electric mobility scooter is very simple and easy.

Pride Go Go Elite Traveller Sport Mobility Scooter

The Go Go Elite Traveller Sport, despite being a mouthful to say, is an amazing portable scooter. It comes with modern amenities that you wouldn’t necessarily expect on a mobility scooter, such as a charger port located in the tiller, as well as LED lights on the front and rear.

This lightweight portal scooter can also help up to 23 stones 3, showing just how sturdy and secure the scooter actually is. On top of this, the 9-inch wheels mean that you’ll get a nice and comfy ride as you travel on the Go Go Elite Traveller Sport.

Rascal Veo Sport Electric Mobility Scooter

Built with modern design, sleek styling and a focus on user comfort, the Rascal Veo Sport Electric Mobility Scooter. Featuring all-around suspension and a padded tiller, you can be certain that your journey is going to be enjoyable.

It also features a set of 22 AH Batteries, which means that you can travel up to a range of 13.5 miles on a single charge. All of this, along with how easy this folding, portable scooter is, you’ll be able to capture and enjoy a huge sense of freedom.

Kymco K-Lite Portable Electric Scooter

KYMCO has now released their latest K-Lite micro mobility scooter, designed to make sure that you are able to experience and get a grip of manoeuvrability and performance of the scooter. KYMCO has put the K-Lite together with ergonomic dismantling as one of their main focuses, too.

This means that the entire portable scooter is able to easily come apart for transportation purposes. On top of this, the handlebars can be adjusted without difficulty, meaning that you can get into the best position for you.

Choosing The Best Portable Scooter

When you’re trying to get your hands on a good Mobility Scooter that you can take with you anywhere, then a portable scooter is definitely the best option. However, finding one that you are comfortable with can be tricky. That’s where we can help.

If you have a question about portable scooters, we are happy to guide and advise you, so feel free to contact us, on the other hand, you could take a look through our range of portable scooters here, or get in touch on the phone by calling 01733 342242.

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