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Topps Rehabilitation Centre Fund Raising For The LiteGait

Topps Rehabilitation Centre Fund Raising for the LiteGait

Topps Fitness and Rehabilitation Centre decided to start their own fund raising project to purchase the LiteGait gait training device by holding a sponsored walk using the LiteGait equipment.

Here’s what the team at Topps had to say:

“The LiteGait is a tool to help our physiotherapists, help our disabled clients in their rehabilitation. Many of our spinal cord injuries, head injuries, and stroke clients have some form of inability to move their arms or legs. They will be working hard everyday to overcome their disability and have a goal of getting back on their feet.

The problem is that they don’t have the strength to stand for long enough to practice the pattern of walking and hence get stronger and more used to moving. They are afraid of falling and often use their arms to hold themselves up, rather than using their legs. Most clients are exhausted after 2 minutes of trying to hold themselves upright.

A baby practices 10,000 movements a day in order to walk, we are trying to get adults walking with only 2-5 minutes of practice. A very difficult task!

As physiotherapists we need to make sure our disabled clients are safe. We are often so busy holding someone up that we don’t have a chance to enable a movement, and time to stand back and see what is happening or get our client to practice an activity many times over, so that they remember it and get stronger. As the saying goes if you don’t use it you will lose it!

The LiteGait allows us to work with our clients safely, for them to concentrate solely on the exercise and give them the opportunity to practice the movement, when they no longer have the freedom to explore. The delight and concentration on our client’s faces is enough to say it makes a difference.”

If you want to make a donation towards their fund raising to buy a LiteGait for their patients follow this link here.

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