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The 2016 Rio Paralympic Games

“We’re The Superhumans”

That’s the advertising slogan for Channel 4’s coverage of this year’s Paralympic Games. Boy, do we agree!
Never has a slogan so perfectly encapsulated the attitude, dedication and unimaginable hard work that each and every competing athlete undertakes to make it to Brazil or any Paralympic games for that matter.

As with the Rio Olympiad, this games has been broiled in controversy and off-field antics, not least the funding and ticket sales sagas.

However, despite these stealing the headlines and column inches, we here at The Mobility Aids Centre Ltd , firmly believe it’s time we switch the focus and attention back to the amazing athletes and achievements that the boys and girls of the Paralympic Nations will undoubtedly achieve!

For some born with impairments, it represents a lifetime of work and drives towards arresting the stereotypes that are part and parcel of their everyday lives. Sad though those stereotypes might be, it once again serves to prove the adversity that is overcome in tremendous sporting triumph!

For other athletes who develop or have disablement thrust upon them, it demonstrates the sheer bloody-mindedness it takes to not let something that could hold them back, define their lives.

How Can The Mobility Aids Centre Ltd Help?

The Mobility Aids Centre Ltd is more than proud to support and cheer for all the competitors at the Paralympic Games and particularly the members of the Great Britain team. We know, regardless of the results or positions you may finish, how hard work much goes into what you do and how much we hold you in the highest regard.

The Mobility Aids Centre Ltd offers a fantastic range of mobility aids to help improve lives and support people and their families, including recumbent cross trainers; NuStep.
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