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PyeongChang 2018 Paralympics

It’s that time again, you’ve surely seen the 2018 Winter Paralympics so far, we’ve also been keeping a close eye on the success, the drama and the honour that all of our athletes and those from far away competing in this incredible competition.

There is something to be said for the extra hard work, enthusiasm and fearlessness of all those involved in the Paralympics. With that in mind, we wanted to talk about some of the events and results we’ve seen so far.

From one-legged skiers to blind football, there’s a huge array of competitors, getting involved in some of the most demanding and challenging sports events of the year. Millie Knight & Brett Wild gained Silver medals from their efforts in the downhill competition, this of course, was their second Silver medal win. With Brett Wild at her side giving her guidance and direction on the course, the word “team” seems to be more prevalent here.

Millie Knight spoke to BBC Sport; “This time four years ago I was sitting in the crowd watching Kelly win gold, and I thought if one day I could be that good it would be amazing, To get two silvers on day one and two is fantastic. I can’t believe it has happened again.”

The GB Curling team didn’t see much success after a formidable attempt to win; the team dealt with a defeat of 7-4 to Switzerland. Both team have trained and performed with honour and respect as they had a very promising first half of the game but were sadly overtaken by the Swiss. They did come back with a bang though as they played against Finland with a very well earned 9-2 finish.

We have also seen the incredible 15Km cross-country race where Scott Meenagh finished in 17th place, with such a long distance to be seated on a ski, is most likely very uncomfortable so we realise the strength and determination involved with the course, never mind the result, this is a serious test of patience, visual perception and resilience to the unforgiving course. This man was in the armed forces and suffered at the hands of an IED in Afghanistan. So you can imagine the sheer rehabilitation he has had to go through in order to not only live a normal life but also take that determination into the Winter Paralympics. We salute you sir!

While on the subject for rehabilitation, we know that getting involved in the process is a hard part, but also keeping it going, never giving up and never surrendering to the pressure of it all. At The Mobility Aids Centre Ltd , we have helped and continue to help many individuals from all walks of life, to get back into the world and not let a disability hold them back.

We recently unveiled the Nustep Recumbent Cross Trainer which has the ability to build upper body strength. So we found a story by Alanna Flax-Clark written in her own words about her invasive illness and treatment which she has used the Nustep to train up ready for the 2020 Paralympics. As a Dressage Rider, you can imagine the astounding commitment and training that you would have to go through in order to compete, especially if you plan on winning against some incredible competition.

Alanna suffers from Quadriplegia which has meant that since she was 13, she has endured this chronic neurological disease. With the help of the Nustep Recumbent cross trainer, she has managed to gain impressive upper & lower body strength. She went on to comment that the Nustep has a rotating seat which has made accessing the machine, an easy and fluid process.

Her words regarding the Nustep trainer have shown just exactly how far this machine can allow you to push yourself.

“NuStep workouts have helped with my stamina, strength, endurance and focus during the day. Just keeping my body moving, without putting a lot of stress on my joints is such a positive thing, especially as I look at my training and future as a successful athlete.”

She is now a Grade-2 Para Dressage rider and is going to be giving her all to the next Paralympics. We’ll be looking out for you Alanna!

We know that some might think that the Paralympics are not the same as the Olympics, but that is not true. The word “para” means parallel, as in parallel to the recognised Olympians, they go through the exact same training, abide by the same rules and adhere to the same regulations as any non-paralympian.

There should be no inclination that Paralympians are any lesser than Olympians, equally there are all sorts of mobility aids in use to compete. As anyone who suffers from a difficulty involving ability, using the aids sometimes does not feel natural, hence why the body and mind take time to get used to their new mobility aids.

We are a supplier of many items which can aid you in living a normal life, or maybe even a life that still lets you get outside and involved in competitive sports. So if you are looking for something to help you get by, get better or even be the greatest in your favourite sport, then get in touch. You can visit us or call us on 01733 342242, our friendly and helpful staff can point you in the right direction for all your mobility needs. That is why we are THE Mobility Aids Centre.

We’d love to keep in touch with you by email with exclusive offers, news and latest product information. Please be assured we’ll treat your information with the utmost care and will never sell it to other companies for marketing purposes.