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mewa and girzzly buggie

What Makes Mewa and Grizzly Great For Your Child?

As a parent or guardian of a child who has special needs, one of the most prioritised devices you will undoubtedly consider is a buggy; the key appendage to all your adventures that must provide support and comfort. But with so many options, how do you evaluate the perfect pushchair to reflect the intended purpose?

At The Mobility Aids Centre Ltd , we have two particular choices that parallel functionality and aesthetics in the world of special needs buggies; The Mewa and the Grizzly. Each are worth serious thought, and both exist with the goal of providing ergonomic-controlled comfort through an abundance of purposeful adjustments and required attachments specifically for disabled children.

Both Mewa and Grizzly, come with all this as standard. While looking pretty suave (with various colour options), when you get ‘under the hood’ of these exceptional buggies you get a real grasp of how effective they are.

Style and Function; Introducing The Mewa

This buggy is an investment at only £960 (VAT relief available). Though versatile, it has a particular focus on disabled children with spinal bifida, muscular dystrophy, or torso and limbs paresis. With this in mind, the support specification and customisable opportunities of the buggy is limitless. It is created in such a way that the seat, which reclines and reverses, is padded to the nines with a sole focus on administering ultimate comfort to a kid with a handicap whilst in their pram.

This modern product refuses to allow changes in terrain to interrupt your journeys. The wheels are bolstered with shock absorbing suspension, and the frame itself- that holds the centre of gravity with precision- is built using light-weight aluminium. The front wheels are modified with a lock for those who do not like a swivel while the handle is adaptable to a variety of angles.

Transportation is simple and straightforward of this collapsible pram- it is made to fit the boot of your car. The compact and cost-effective design serves only to permeate comfort for the child and control for the walker. In terms of accessories, the Mewa will be delivered to you through The Mobility Aids Centre Ltd with all of these included as standard. In rain or shine, you and your youngster will travel in unrivalled comfort.

The Grizzly Pushchair

Perhaps the term ‘unrivalled’ is speaking too soon. Also in our catalogue of is the Grizzly, which is unquestionably a gassed-up version of the Mewa. Though assembled with all the same exceptional specification, the Grizzly has been ingeniously modified with a fine-tuned approach to adapting to your child’s unique disabilities in its features and structure. Every penny of the £1595 price tag is justifiable.

It comes with an emphasis on children who struggle, or have the impossibility of walking due to diseases or motor functions. It is equipped with a stabilisation system that targets the head, hips and chest. The entirely adjustable 3D pads mean the buggy is tailorable to the child’s growth and suited to complex needs.

Unlike the Mewa, which accommodates up to 35kg, the Grizzly holds an additional 10kg. Moreover, it is transformable to hold a child with a height between 85-140cm, presenting an extension of wiggle room to that of the Mewa (which is up to 125cm).

The seat is delivered with an RZT system that aims to optimise comfort; the backrest height is alterable, and width and depth is interchangeable, thus, the buggy evolves with the child. The 5-point safety belt ensures the absolute safety of the child while they inhabit the pushchair

The Professional Verdict

With such food for thought, it is really worth considering the Mewa and Grizzly as solutions to the buggy debate. In each product, the child will receive unequivocal comfort and support that is accentuated with a modern look and a compactable and agile design.

In one hand you have the streamlined design and practical values of the Mewa. In the other, you have the Grizzly which is a pushchair that really concentrates on elaborating the finer details of amenities catered directly towards a child with an immobilising disability.

Ultimately, depending on your needs, it is imperative that you find the perfect fit of buggy to purpose. Though we believe the Mewa and Grizzly to be at the forefront of mobility aids, if following a purchase you decide it does not live up to the standard you require we have a two-week returns policy (T&Cs apply).

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