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Man with arthritis uses kitchen aids.

Your Ideal Kitchen Aids; An Easy Guide

When your passions and interests lie in kitchen activities, it can be frustrating that health limitations restrict your abilities. As such, The Mobility Aids Centre has compiled this article to help guide your pre-considerations of the different kitchen aids that serve to satisfy your requirements. 

The kitchen aids we sell hold interest in user independence and safety, which we regard as paramount. Our goal is that by examining kitchen aids, you may discover tools to bolster your abilities in cooking and food preparation. Therefore we will mention the items that combat issues surrounding dexterity, hard of seeing, and strength in lifting. On most occasions, you will find the relevant products within our catalogue.  

Why a Kitchen Aid Might be Useful 

For someone who desires the ability for more freedom in the kitchen, we have strived to identify the methods and products intended to provide utility for you (or someone you may know who struggles in this area). The kitchen aids that create a feeling of safety and liberation should be the ones you set your focus to. First, you must identify your needs.

Vision impairments can be troublesome when performing particular duties, for example, slicing things for recipes. Strength or swelling of the hand, or minimised abilities through having only one active hand, is a problem when lifting pans or using knives. Also, minimised strength can be an intolerable factor in completing your kitchen activities.

In such cases, it’s a good idea to research items that provide solutions. A kettle tipper, for example, disregards the need to lift and struggle with boiling hot water. This can be convenient in both making hot drinks and for filling saucepans when a recipe requires it. Or for extra support in slicing, dicing and chopping, we would recommend a versatile kitchen station that provides a multifaceted solution to food preparation tasks.

For Which Health Conditions Can Kitchen Aids be Beneficial?

As the user, you must understand your own needs and requirements so as to make informed choices on kitchen aids. Then, you can confidently consider the applicable tools that generally aim to compensate for the following health conditions; 

  • Ataxia- where you live with restricted vision/impairments.
  • Learning disabilities- so that you are able to fulfil kitchen tasks with further independence.
  • Fibromyalgia- where you need support in lifting heavy objects.
  • Arthritis- when your joints are too uncomfortable and painful to work through tasks without a helping hand.
  • Down’s syndrome- where your necessities lie in the ease of use. 
  • Stroke- to combat limited use from parts of the body. 

It is imperative you find the right product to match your needs for two important reasons. The first is to maintain a safe environment that you deserve in your home. The second is to accentuate a feeling of self-sufficiency in cooking, baking, and food preparation. Because we want you to have your cake, and eat it too!

Which of Our Products are for You?

The kitchen aids we equip is based on user independence and safety, which we regard as paramount. Our goal is that our kitchen aids will bolster your abilities in cooking and food preparation. Therefore we will mention the items that we hope help to override your limiting health issues. 

 When it comes to holding utensils, it is often better to have a larger area to grip. In this circumstance, products such as our Utensil Holder Multi Holder would generate additional bulk to this grip area making kitchen tools user-friendly. The possibilities are endless; from whisks to knives, the multi-holder is a token of opportunity. Particularly effective for those with arthritis/swelling, but with universal implementation. 

Going further, our Peeler and Clamp takes into consideration the difficulties you may face undergoing the already annoying process of peeling. The intention behind this product is the ability to complete peeling tasks using one hand! 

Additionally, for those with the use of just one hand, a stainless steel Cooking Basket offers a great resolution to such barriers when boiling food in a pan. Pan boiling food like eggs and vegetables is simplified in a straightforward drop-and-lift approach of the basket. This counteracts dealing with the prospective dangers and inconveniences of drops and spills when handling a full, hot pan.

Dexterity and strength restrictions can be a mammoth obstruction in kitchen independence. However, the plethora of items you will find on our site engages in counteracting such issues. And we have thought of everything. From Grip Sets to Grater & Scrapers, any disabilities or health curtailments you have will be shifted to the sideline as you engage in a new realm of opportunity; kitchen aids to invigorate your passion and skills in the kitchen. 

Food For Thought

We at The Mobility Aids Centre see providing our customers with advice and products that support independent living and self-sufficiency at the forefront of our ethos. Through this article, we hope we have proposed essential and effective kitchen aids that apply to you. 

However, if you find yourself with additional questions, or that you desire further advice on this topic, then we encourage you to give our friendly service assistants a call on 01733 342242!

We’d love to keep in touch with you by email with exclusive offers, news and latest product information. Please be assured we’ll treat your information with the utmost care and will never sell it to other companies for marketing purposes.