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Helping Polio Survivors with NuStep

Poliomyelitis, more commonly referred to as Polio, was once a very common viral infection both in the UK and around the world. However, since a vaccine was developed and created in 1952 by Jonas Salk, it has become far rarer.
Interestingly, most people who have Polio won’t even realise it, as they won’t suffer from or show any symptoms whatsoever.

Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. In fact, for around 1% of people, Polio actually causes either temporary or permanent paralysis. It can also be life threatening as well, and whilst there hasn’t been a case of Polio seen in the UK since the mid-90s, it is still making itself known in other parts of the world.

Post-Polio Syndrome

As there is no cure for Polio, there are a number of long term effects that the infection can cause;

  • muscle weakness
  • shrinking of the muscles (atrophy)
  • tight joints (contractures)
  • deformities, such as twisted feet or legs

This is commonly referred to as post-polio syndrome or PPS. It affects many polio survivors, and can even appear years after their recovery. Typically, if you suffer from PPS, you’ll find that your muscles start to feel weaker, fatigue becomes common and your muscles will actually decrease in size.

Because of these effects, it is very common for polio survivors to lose the ability to move their legs, resulting in further health issues.

How NuStep Can Help Post-Polio Syndrome

One of the most common issues that will arise by losing the motor functions of your legs is obesity. As you are unable to remain active, it naturally has a negative effect on your body.

NuStep’s recumbent cross trainers allow you to move and exercise the muscles in your legs and body through the use of your arms. Through the use of the levers, you are able to simulate the action of walking, as the movement of your arms causes the foot pedals to move as well.

This allows those who are suffering from post-polio syndrome to continue exercise, keeping their bodies as healthy as possible through simulated movement of the legs.

There are a number of individuals out there who suffer from PPS and are already using the various NuStep cross trainers to help them in this manner. For example, if you are wheelchair bound, it can be very difficult to keep up your body’s necessary exercise amount.

In this situation, we would highly recommend that you utilise a NuStep T4R or T5 as part of a weekly routine. By using the cross trainer between 4 to 5 times per week, you’ll be able to help keep your body health, combating the ongoing negative effects of post-polio syndrome.

Why Is NuStep A Great Option?

The biggest and best aspect of the NuStep recumbent cross trainers is the fact that it isn’t an elliptical trainer. This means that your legs don’t have to stretch out in odd positions to use the machine.

Instead, it matches the movements of walking naturally far closer than other cross trainers do. This, in turn, means that it is one of the best trainers for those who are wheelchair bound or have lost motor functions in their legs. An elliptical cross trainer puts added strain on the muscles in the legs, as they are forced to extend beyond their natural limits for walking.

With a NuStep cross trainer, your legs will only ever extend as much as they normally would do when walking. Therefore, it is this authentic recreation of walking that gives you and your muscles the best results in the safest manner.

In one of our previous post about the 2018 Winter Paralympics, we discussed how Alanna Flax-Clark has been using NuStep to help train herself up as a Dressage Rider for the 2020 Paralympics. You can find out what she thinks of the NuStep recumbent cross trainer here.

Having A NuStep At Home

For those who are suffering from post-polio syndrome, the idea of travelling to a rehabilitation centre or physiotherapist to use a cross trainer can seem like a huge hassle. It can take time to get there, and then you need to get setup and finally make your way back home.

This can and will take huge amounts of time out of your day, making it seem more like a chore than something helpful for your body.

That’s where NuStep is different. Through The Mobility Aids Centre Ltd , you can purchase a NuStep recumbent cross trainer which will then be delivered to your home. On top of that, we’ll install and setup the NuStep machine as well, so that it is complete and ready for you to use.

By having the cross trainer within your own home, it makes exercising on the machine far easier and more accessible. You won’t have to travel anywhere, saving time and allowing you to exercise to your heart’s content.

Try Out NuStep Before You Buy!

If you aren’t sure whether NuStep is right for you, we are happy to carry out a demonstration for you, within the comfort of your own home. You won’t need to come to us to see how great the NuStep cross trainer is!

In fact, we are so sure that you’ll love it, that we offer these demonstrations free of charge as well. So, why not take a look at the NuStep cross trainers available and book your home demo today?

We’d love to keep in touch with you by email with exclusive offers, news and latest product information. Please be assured we’ll treat your information with the utmost care and will never sell it to other companies for marketing purposes.